Short Blog 8- Jefferson Forest

If you are living near Richmond Hill or Aurora, then you are lucky as you got Jefferson Forest nearby. It is a perfect place for people to take a venture in nature. Hikers and bicyclers are all welcome as the forest has a lot of trails that suit both.

Jefferson Forest located in the north of Richmond Hill

My mom, my sister Nico (she is a border collie) and I love to go there. When we were stuck in the tiny apartment and bored to death, this place really saved our moods, it is like a nature escape for us during the quarantine. And the other good thing for the forest is, it is not hot during summer as the trees block 90% of the sunshine.

Life in the Forest

Great White Trillium

Great white trillium, the flower on Ontario’s government’s icon. I believe it is being protected as people could be fined if they took the flower.

Unknown flower

I don’t know the name of this flower but it is so cute. OOPS, there’s a spider hang in there.

Wild berries

They are tasty! I remember it appears in the end of summer.

Wild apple

Caution this one is sour.

Wild grape

This one is even more sour. but it is beautiful!

U of T First year