Short Blog 5-An archival photo of TSO from 1926

TSO was performing at Messey Hall in their fifth season of 1926–1927; the photo was taken by William Brightly in 1926

One full orchestra of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra was recorded in the photo. The man stood up front Luigi Von Knits is the founding music director and conductor.

The photo reminds me of the beginning of 2020, I came to Toronto to meet my mom and we went to see TSO performing on Mozart requiem and it was fantastic (sadly quarantine came shortly after…). Compared to the old TSO, the biggest change seems to be the music hall. Right now TSO mostly performs in Roy Tompsom Hall which is bigger, and the interior decoration is more luxurious.

Photo came from City of Toronto website, below is the link:[0]=&ProcessID=6000_3363(0)&KeyValues=KEY_384331