Short Blog 4 commenting on Jasmine’s blog about Gaokao

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Hi Jasmine, thank you for posting your insightful thoughts about Gaokao!

Gaokao is truly a nightmare…I remember when I was studying in China, I have had problems with sleep because of the stress of getting bad grades. And to be honest that’s one of the biggest reasons for me to decide to come to Canada for higher education(to avoid Gaokao).

And like you said, this is a very tough situation to fix because in our culture and society Gaokao is considered a life-changing event, so the competition makes it so stressful.

But to raise awareness about mental health as a student is very very important, more care will raise up more chance towards changing. It’s just too painful to watch 10-year old children have to go to afterschool tutoring class one by one without rest….

U of T First year