Short Blog 2-Comment on Jasmine’s Blog!

Suzhou, Melbourne, and Toronto! Those are all the cities that famous for life quality! I have been to Suzhou several times before, I love the special architectures Tingyuan and the Suzhou dialect, I just feel they are so elegant and beautiful. My all-time favorite food Yanduxian is coming from Suzhou too so I always appreciate Suzhouness for this haha.

But in comparison of the high-quality life, you mentioned the Gaokao(the pre-university test) is very competitive, I think it is a very good topic to focus on. I know all my friends in china worked so hard for it and they all had such big stress, and some of them didn’t reach the goal they set for themselves just get depressed about it. It always makes me think why is gaokao so hard… Those anxiety and depression should not be happening…

U of T First year