Short Blog 1- Intro!

Hi, I’m Alicia Wang, a first-year student from the University of Toronto who haven’t decide major yet, but probably between anthropology and East Asian Study. I love taste new food, travel and talking to people with a variety of cultural backgrounds. My goals before I kick the bucket a reto travel to at least 50 countries and learn five languages(Right now I know English, Mandarin and Japanese).

I’m originally from Hangzhou, China. I came to Toronto when I was 15 for high school, and went working as a cook in Winnipeg, Manitoba for three years, then went back to Toronto for higher education(which is here!).

Therefore I have lived in three cities in my life until now.

My hometown Hangzhou is a beautiful city and is famous for its culture and traditions as it has a very long history. We have a special dialect, cuisine(for example we cook shrimp with tea), and a bunch of folktales(I love the legend of the white snake which is related to Lingying temple and it is a temple with 1670 years history). But the sad thing is the folktales and Hangzhou dialect are disappearing fastly, as my grandmother’s generation everyone living in Hangzhou speaks the dialect with each other but now a lot of kids can barely understand(because the school doesn’t allow kids to speak dialect)…

Years ago I said goodbye to my family and the city I grew up to the brand new land — Toronto, Canada. Surprisingly I have adapted to the new city very fast, I think is because the people I met are very polite and warm to me, and I feel the city and the people who live there are always prepared to adapt new residence like mine (I love in almost every level of education there are always ESL classes).

After I graduated from Secondary School In Toronto, I began my journey to the third city of my life-Winnipeg, Manitoba. One of the coldest cities in the world. The aurora, the freezing wind, the loneliness…is coming out of my memory. It was a truly unique and cool experience I admit haha. Besides the coldness, the city also has the famous Human Rights Museum that was printed in cash(10 dollars), which people can record their own experience in the library freely. The city also had some problem with poverty in the downtown area(a lot of homeless people), and the prices of groceries are higher than in Toronto even though the minimum wages is lower than Toronto(only 11.90 dollars).

I’m not sure about which city I’m going to write about, hmmmm, let’s see!

my hometown Hangzhou!
greens in the city!
Freezing(freaking) Cold Winnipeg~~

U of T First year