In January, China’s Education Ministry published plans to “cultivate masculinity” in boys from kindergarten through high school (NBC NEWS, 2021). And the original title on the government document is “关于防止男性青少年女性化的提案”, which means “suggestions about preventing boys from feminization”. …

If you are living near Richmond Hill or Aurora, then you are lucky as you got Jefferson Forest nearby. It is a perfect place for people to take a venture in nature. Hikers and bicyclers are all welcome as the forest has a lot of trails that suit both.

Jefferson Forest located in the north of Richmond Hill


In February 8, Kaijie Zhang, a first-year Chinese student who enrolled in Rensselaer Rolytechnic Institute (a university located in New York), passed away when he was studying remotely from his home which is located in Wuxi city, China (Global Times, 2021).

His death is highly likely due to the irregular…

Hi Hiba,

Your writing on systemic racism in the school board is very insightful. The life expectancy for black people and aboriginals in the old-time is so shocking to look at. It reminds me of the two similar maps about corona and the poverty rate in Toronto. Life conditions are so correlated with social resources(like wealth…), and because of inequality and white supremacy, people with colors are always the “minors” and had a harder time accomplishing self-achievement. And your writing about how racism ideas passed on generations is so important, it reminds me racism is much more serious than what I think because it has been there for centuries so it’s harder to realize. So speak out about it became important, which is what you are doing now!

Looking forward to read your future blog: )

Tired of seeing Covid messages that simply state “Practice social distance”?Here is a hard-core one.

It’s a meme I saw while I was internet-surfing, this message comes from Grace Brethren Church, Ohio, USA, source comes from Boredpanda

I like it because the straightforwardness of the message indeed raises some awareness of how dangerous covid could be.

But I believe the message is more suitable for the internet as an alternative covid message rather than have it in public because the emphasis on the binary causality of death and social distance is very disrespectful to them and their loved ones.

Photo source:

Recently when I was internet surfing on Zhihu (It’s like the Chinese version of Quora) I saw a people posted a photo and asked, “ What is the grey layer that wrapped the City of Hangzhou? Is it haze?”

This is the photo from Zhihu, taken by the user “If donut can walk”

I scroll down for the answers, and people are all saying…

TSO was performing at Messey Hall in their fifth season of 1926–1927; the photo was taken by William Brightly in 1926

One full orchestra of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra was recorded in the photo. The man stood up front Luigi Von Knits is the founding music director and conductor.

The photo reminds me of the beginning of 2020, I came to Toronto to meet my mom and we went to see TSO performing on Mozart requiem and it was fantastic (sadly quarantine came shortly after…). Compared to the old TSO, the biggest change seems to be the music hall. Right now TSO mostly performs in Roy Tompsom Hall which is bigger, and the interior decoration is more luxurious.

Photo came from City of Toronto website, below is the link:[0]=&ProcessID=6000_3363(0)&KeyValues=KEY_384331

Please check out Jasmine’s Original Post “The Education Nightmare” at

Hi Jasmine, thank you for posting your insightful thoughts about Gaokao!

Gaokao is truly a nightmare…I remember when I was studying in China, I have had problems with sleep because of the stress of getting bad grades. …

My hometown Hangzhou is a city with more than two thousands years of history, it is the capital of China during Nansong Dynasty(1127–1279), and now it is also a hot travel city famous for its cultural heritages. The experience of being a capital of a country has impacted the dialect…

When I was in Winnipeg, I always went to Pembina Trail Library after working, it is located in the south part of the city(five minutes driving from both my home and my work place, winnipeg is small so it takes much fewer time in translation than Toronto).

This is the picture taken on a summer afternoon through the window of the back seats in the library. This view always make me feel peaceful.

It somehow looks like a painting, doesn’t it?

Alicia Wang

U of T First year

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